Selenium WebDriver MindMap

This draft of a Selenium WebDriver MindMap was drawn with the wonderful The goal of this draft is to propose an overview of the main subjects while working with Selenium WebDriver and where it make sense to acquire knowledge sooner or later.
WebDriver is developed for the real world and therefore it depends on real projects with real setups. So a Selenium developer needs knowledge of these environments.
Agile Development
Web Browser Automation is an important part of agile development
Cloud,, …
Maven, Ant, …
Continous Integration
The shorter the test cycles, the more Web Browser Automation pay off. CI-Server: Jenkins
WebDriver API
It’s the core of the Selenium engagement:
Selenium World
Knowing the history (Selenium 1 -> Selenium 2 = WebDriver), knowing the key players (e.g. Simon Stewart), knowing the knowledge base (, knowing support ressources (!forum/selenium-users), …
There are design patterns, like Page Object-Pattern.
And there are recipes for recurrend problems, like „check if an element exists“ (
Knowing the internals isn’t needed in straight forward problems. But it’s very helpful with complex problems and to develop sophisticated solutions.
Driver Internals
Browser Internals
Long time the rendering engines of browsers have been black boxes. Tali Garsiel helped a lot to reveal these internals:
Except for stumbeling with Selenium IDE, skills in programming are fundamental for Web Browser Automation with Selenium.
Programming Language
All programming languages with bindings to WebDriver API:
NetBeans, Eclipse, …
target of all the efforts
needed for sophisticated navigation; fantastic tutorial:
TestNG, junit, …
Browser Tools
in the MindMap you find addons for my favorite development browser: Firefox.