SKIP Mechanics in Robot Framework

I haven’t found a sophisticated solution to SKIP in Robot Framework (compare this issue).
So you have to implement such a mechanism on your own.
There are two parts:
1.) the independent testcase (or testsuite)
2.) the dependent testcase (or testsuite)
1.) The independent testcase
Execute in [Teardown] only one keyword, because Robot Framework restricts more then one (the same applies to [Setup]).
Because IMHO the SKIP mechanism belongs to the testcases, I wouldn’t put the keyword definition in a ressource file, but at the end of the test case file.
Because you typically will take a screenshot in the testcase teardown, the file would look like this:

*** Variables ***
${SkipDependenciesOfTestcase1}    False    # this declaration avoids "Non-existing variable '${SkipDependenciesOfTestcase1}'"-Error which happens non-deterministically (=sometimes).
*** Test Cases ***
Testcase 1
     Testing Keyword 1
     Testing Keyword 2
     [Teardown]    Teardown Testcase 1
*** Keywords ***
Teardown Testcase 1
     Capture Page Screenshot    Teardown Testcase 1.png
     Run Keyword If Test Failed    Set Global Variable    ${SkipDependenciesOfTestcase1}    True

2.) The (appropriate) dependent testcase
You have to put the second part of the SKIP mechanism into the [Setup] of the dependent testcase:

*** Test Cases ***
Testcase 2
     [Setup]    Setup Testcase 2
     Testing Keyword 3
     Testing Keyword 4
*** Keywords ***
Setup Testcase 2
     Run Keyword If    '${SkipDependenciesOfTestcase1}'=='True'    Fail    SKIPPED due to failure of testcase 1.

Some testautomaters prefer to PASS a SKIPed testcase: Pass Execution Keyword
Tip: You can test your implementation of skip mechanism with an empty page, because then the independent testcase fails certainly and quick.
For more information on Robot Framework read:

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  1. Run Keyword If Test Failed Set Global Variable ${SkipDependenciesOfTestcase1} ${ True} ELSE Set Global Variable ${SkipDependenciesOfTestcase1} ${ False}
    this should do the trick instead of static declaration of variable.

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